Frequently Asked Questions

4-H is a Rutgers program designed to help youths develop their skills in multiple different areas. Kids from grades K-13 may participate in these clubs, which include science, math, and environmental related clubs. This club only allows members from grades 3-13. The Eco Maniacs are a part of 4-H, and specialize mainly in the environment. However, we do touch upon the topics of presenting, and learning ways to create new things using ordinary materials.02

As mentioned before, you must be from grades 3-13 in order to join this club. The 4-H program offers clubs that involve children from ages K-13, but this particular club has activities that won't be easy to participate in a lower grade level.

You can contact the following email address for more information: Additionally, you may post a question below in the comments section, and we will try our best to answer as fast as possible.

The meetings are located at the Highland Park Environmental Center at 20 River Road in Highland Park. Put the address in Google Maps if you want to check the distance, time, and directions.

The 4-H pledge is as follows: "I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living for my club, my community, my country, and my world". It is a good idea to memorize this pledge before the meetings as this will be the first thing we do right after the meeting begins.

Every month, one member is requested to bring a snack to the meeting. This snack can be eaten before, during, or after the meetings.

There is a $15 insurance fee per year. This number is stagnant, no matter how many clubs the member participates in. Certain trips may cost money, depending on whether the member wants to attend or not. Other than that, there is no additional cost to joining the club.