What are the ecomaniacs?

The 4-H Eco Maniacs is a 4-H club that focuses on the environment.  We spend around 1-2 days each month working on service projects, educational programs, or field trips.

More about our meetings

Our meetings tend to be held on the third Tuesday of every month.  These meetings start around 7:00 P.M. EST and are located at 20 River Road in Highland Park.  At around 8:30-9:00, the meetings will end for the day and parents may pick the members up.

Every meeting held is mostly run by the members, and each member will have a designated role.  A paper listing the upcoming events will be handed out, and the events will be summarized during the meeting.  We will also discuss the activities that we are working on.‚Äč

After the meeting, parents have the responsibility to let the club managers know whether the members can attend the events or not.  It is fine if people aren't able to attend certain events, but is very crucial that we know.  This way, if there aren't enough people attending, we can reschedule the event.


Once an year, around May, 4-H as a whole conducts a program that allows all club members to come together and present on a topic that interests them.  If they are in 8th grade and above, then they have the possibility to qualify for states.  In the Eco-Maniacs, we strongly encourage all club members to participate in this event, no matter their age or grade.  In fact, the earlier members start, the better.

From March to June, we will choose people to perform their presentations after the meetings.  Meetings may be extended a little bit around this time.  Each member should be prepared if they want to present.  We would rather have members bring their presentation in a USB if it is online rather than use the internet.  Other PowerPoint programs should be converted into a PDF before being downloaded.

If you are using a different type of platform like Google Slides, you can still convert it into a PowerPoint presentation and then download it into the USB.